Scalp Micro Pigmentation is in the range of $1,500 to $5,000.  Over time the procedure and pigmentation fade resulting in costly touch-ups.  FUSE Cosmetic Pigmentation Serum is designed to help prolong your procedure resulting in less touch-ups and keeping your procedure looking great longer.

After Care for your procedure is imporant.

FUSE Cosmetic Pigmentation Serum is fast absorbing and can be applied to the scalp before sunscreen making it an easy addition to your daily routine.  Designed with a Matte Finish to eliminate scalp shine and blend with existing hair follicles.  Tiger grass helps to minimize and promote scar reduction while Aloe & Vitamin E helps with skin blemishes and promotes a youthful look.

What's the difference between a tattoo and a SMP procedure?

Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) procedures are specifically geared toward mimicking the appearance of a full head of hair. They are meant to restore confidence, not to stand out.  A tattoo, however, is meant to stand out, to be vibrant so others notice it. Tattoo lotions maximize exposure and help achieve this look. For Scalp micropigmentation (SMP), you really need the opposite effect. It needs to blend your procedure with existing hair follicles rather than be highlighted and obviously noticeable. Fuse Cosmetic Pigmentation Serum helps your pigmentation procedure blend in with existing hair follicles and look fuller while eliminating shine making the procedure unnoticeable.

Other tattoo lotions or ointments vs Fuse Cosmetic Pigmentation Serum?

While you might think it's better to maintain your SMP procedure with an ointment, doing so can actually be harmful.  Experts claim applying too much ointment or certain tattoo aftercare products suffocates the tattoo and encourages bacteria growth.

Even with existing hair follicles combined with your Scalp Micropigmentation procedure, Fuse Cosmetic Pigmentation Serum is very light and fast absorbing leaving no residue.


After I had my cosmetic pigmentation procedure on my head done I always had a lot of shine in any light. Once I tried Fuse I noticed right away it took away that unnatural looking shine.


Works great!  Easy to apply and fast drying.  Bottle lasts a long time.


I've tried a lot of various products over the last few years but nothing gave me the satisfaction and the natural looking result that I was looking for until I tried FUSE.  It's not greasy or flaky at all.